Welcome to Cornerstone Network.  We’re a group of writers exploring life, theology and culture from an evangelical Christian perspective.


Michael Shaw is the Editor of Cornerstone Network. He was formerly a Broadcast Journalist and Associate Producer at the BBC where he directed short films for The One Show.  In addition to writing for Cornerstone, he has reviewed books and articles for the International Journal of Religion in Society and Evangelicals Now. Michael has a law degree from Durham University and is currently studying Theology at Oxford University.

Bronwen Steele is a writer for Cornerstone and is currently studying for a BA in Philosophy and Theology at the University of Oxford.  She also has a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.  She grew up in different places throughout the UK, takes her tea weak and listens to copious amounts of Taylor Swift.

Barry Dysert is a writer for Cornerstone, as well as being a Bible teacher and author who enjoys writing about Christian books as they relate to the Bible. He writes for his church, has written hundreds of articles about technology, and is the author of “A Chronological Commentary of Revelation”.

Write for us:

If you are interested in writing for us, we’re currently looking for articles in the following areas:

Reviews: Books, Film & TV, Art, Music, Technology. The reviews can either be of Christian work or non-Christian (i.e. – mainstream literature, films, etc) from a Christian perspective.

Comment: Opinion pieces on Theology, culture, ministry, current affairs or anything else from a Christian point of view.

Submission guidelines:

We accept short form (300 – 800 words) or longer form pieces (800 – 2000 words) for both our Review and Comment sections.  We publish articles from an evangelical Christian perspective so any written submissions should hold to our statement of faith as articulated by the Evangelical Alliance (www.eauk.org).  To find out more, please get in touch using the contact form here.