When You Don’t ‘Feel’ Like A Christian

|Kayla Lynn| Sometimes I don’t act very “Christian.” At times, I think it’s because of my background (being a Christian in a non-Christian home is an adventure in itself). Some days, I wonder why I succumb to temptation so readily, as though I’m hardly trying to resist it. “For we know that the law is…

Spotlight #1

Spotlight is our monthly focus on prayer.  This month we’re looking at Open Doors as it hosts its annual Day of Prayer for the persecuted church on 19 November.  Why not take some time to pray through some of these issues with your church? For more information, see https://www.opendoorsuk.org/act/international-day-prayer/   

The Trouble with Gossip

Our ‘Kingdom Calling’ series looks at a particular aspect of Christian discipleship to help us grow in our faith.  Today we’re tackling the issue of gossip. Why does gossip feel so good?  John Piper looks at how this sin can both destroy relationships and damage ourselves.